Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

So, I had some errands to run today, and decided to go see Ms. Amber. I tend to only post from the Sundays that we visit, but these pictures were too much fun not to post. They were putting the roof top on the house with a nice big crane :)

Here is the view when we drive in to the neighborhood...

I love holidays! Thank you Mr. President for having a holiday named after you, and all0wing the stock market to be closed so we can have the day off. Oh, and thank you for practically paying us to buy our first home!

February 14, 2010: Week 8


Finally! In just two days time, some awesome construction workers were able to do this....

Get ready for picture overload.....

This was the first time we had pulled up and were able to see the construction workers in action... We were so excited that Chris and I decided they needed some cookies. So we went to the store and got them just that :)

Then went back to this :) This is the back of our home...

Then we went to go hang out in our living room... One of the things that Chris loves most about this house are the very very high ceilings and big windows....
and the pretty stairs...

and the pretty Kitchen...

This home building stuff is so much fun :)

The Willow District Home Tour

We spent our Valentines day at the annual Willow District home tour. The Willow District contains historic homes, and they are always published in newspapers and magazines around the state. My good friend Nestor lives in this district, and he was nice enough to let us start the tour with is home, and had brunch ready for us! I mostly wanted to go to get ideas for our home and our very small back yard :)

This was Nestor's Home... He wasn't on the tour, but I'm so glad we were able to see it. It was one of my favorites!

This is Mr. Fiancee not caring about getting in the way of my picture... he was too hungry :)

Here were some of the other homes... They were just precious!

This picture is for Mike... They had a home that was converted to a Fire Station, and now it is a museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places... This was the car parked out front

It was fun to be able to walk the tour with half of our wedding party and their parents! Here is Chris, me, Jess, and Nick's (Chris's Co-Best Man) dad Richard.

We hope you had a wonderful Valentines day!

P.S. - If it looks like we are tired and drained, it's because we were... It was at least 75 degrees outside, and very very sunny. Yes, all you people in Georgia can be jealous right about now :)

February 7, 2010: Week 7

Work on Amber lane has been progressing nicely! For whatever reason, I've had to be out in Gilbert a couple times a week lately, which means I can take more pictures of the house. I was super excited when I saw this...

This is all the tubing within the concrete, which meant this was next...

Judging from what we've seen from other houses, we know our framing is next! We also know this because of the piles of wood in front of our home marked with our lot number :)

Hopefully we're right!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

They're Here!!

When I first saw our engagement pictures, I Squead. Yes, I squealed and p'd my pants... Have you ever heard that word before? No? Neither have I... That's a Danielle original :)

We love them so much, and they were exactly what we wanted! Our little photographer was amazing!!! (

Here are some of my favorites.....

All this wedding stuff is starting to feel real!