Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hawaii 2010

To celebrate Chris’s new job, we decided to take a pretty last minute trip to Hawaii!  This was probably one of the most random things we have ever done (and one of the last times we will probably ever do something this random).  We traveled the 6 hour flight to Oahu and once we arrived, rented a car to drive up to turtle bay.  Couple of things about the car.  Chris was not yet “old enough” to drive, so I had the privilege of driving he entire trip in our blue VW Beetle.... True island style.  All we needed to make it picture perfect would have been the surf board on top!

We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort.  Chris was mostly excited because this is where they filmed “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.  It was in a secluded area, which is what we wanted.... My husband hates people :)

We took it easy the first night, but the next day we were ready to just lay on the beach.  We literally had made no plans and just did whatever we want, whenever we wanted to do it... a rare treat for us!

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