Sunday, April 18, 2010

Furniture Shopping!

So, if you asked us what has been the hardest so far, buying a house, or planning a wedding, Chris and and I would say neither.... It's the furniture that's been the hardest for us! We had spent the past 3 weeks looking at furniture that we liked, and it turns out the first place we went to first (out of the 5 that we visited) had everything we wanted at amazing prices. We still have to figure out what we want to have our TV sit on (which is complicated by the nook in our living room), but we pretty much have everything picked out.

Here is Mr.Fiance hanging out with Paula, who was extremely helpful in figuring out what we wanted...

and here is me on our new couch (well, the one that we ordered) just relieved that this whole furniture thing is almost over.

Now if we could just figure out the TV situation!!!

April 18, 2010: Week 17

Ms. Amber has her stone! This means the outside is almost finished, so much so, that they've even started laying out the foundation for our driveway and sidewalk...

We also had another fun surprise... when we walked in we saw this! We didn't think we'd be seeing our tile for a little bit longer...

All of our walls are up now, so we finally were able to see the size of our backyard, and it is surprisingly much bigger than we were expecting...

Here is a close-up of the stone on the outside, and our cute garage lights... aren't they adorable!?!

5 weeks to go!!

Pizzeria Bianco

We were so happy to finally try out Pizzeria Bianco. It is apparently one of the most famous pizzeria's in the country. So famous in fact, that you have to make reservations at least 1 month in advance! I had gotten there about 45 minutes before it had even opened, and the line was at least 40 people long already. It's crazy what people will do to try good food!

The inside is very cute, and rustic, but unbelievably small! You think with the kind of $ they bring in, they could expand just a bit.

So glad we finally go to go!

April 11, 2010: Week 16

Amber got a tan! Yes, we have a nice, wonderful, Green house :) She's not finished on the outside yet, but doesn't she look beautiful!?! (Still can't wait for Christmas so I can put a big red bow on the light pole)

We also have our cabinets and sinks, and she also got a tan on the inside...

We have a cute built in desk that oversees the living room... a very little feature, but we love it.

Someone must love Ms. Amber as much as we do because they gave her a high five :)

We also have our railing :)

And we also have all of our light fixtures installed...
This was earlier in the week when Chris and I had stopped by. This was the first time we had arrived and the doors were locked, so we had to take pictures from the outside! We later found out that we can just go to the sales office and ask for a key to go see the inside :)

They're also getting ready to put up our wall... Yes, in Arizona we have walls, and with the newer homes, the walls are very very close to the houses.

She's growing up so fast!

Muse Concert

Chris was super excited to hear that Muse was coming to town. Chris will tell you that he has been a follower of their music before they were ever popular, so apparently he's a true fan :) Muse was also supposed to have one of the best live concerts, and they certainly lived up to their expectations.

They were AMAZING!! Best concert I've ever been to in my life. Someone was a little excited afterwards...

Yes, those are eyeballs they had floating in the crowd...

If you ever have the chance to go see this band... GO!! Promise, you won't regret it.

Happy Easter!!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter! For us Easter means going to church early in the morning, then going to my dads house so we can enjoy his grilling skills...

It also includes a little country music, movie time, and a few video game match-ups...

Look at Mr. Fiancee... ahhhhhh, so cute and so peaceful...

Until I decide to join the fight :) This is a game where we were both on pillars in the middle of water and we had to try to knock each other off with swords...

Getting our game faces on...

I'm probably not a good opponent to play against.... I scream every time my guy gets hit, and I scream when I hit you in excitement, and I scream when I'm not winning... probably a little too competitive..

Me sucker punching Wii Chris

Which lead to this... Victory is so sweet :)

Nice try babe :)

April 3, 2010: Week 15

We went to go see Ms. Amber on a Saturday this weekend instead of our typical Sunday visit (because of Easter). Real quick, I just wanted to show you how our day started:

Yes, that is Mr. Fiance. We went shopping for my cousin's birthday and I've never seen someone so excited to go in to the toy isle! ... lol .... enough said. On to Ms. Amber

Ms. Amber has a garage!!

and shelves in the pantry, and all closets,

one more coat of Spackle,

and doors all over the house (including the front door, which still has to be stained)!

More to come soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wedding Band Shopping

So, we knew we were going to have a pretty hard time finding a wedding band for the best ring in the world :) We had actually found one but when we went back to buy it someone had alreadybought it. We were super bummed, but we ended up finding this beauty instead....

She works perfectly! It looks like they came together in a set which is what we were hoping for.

I can't wait for my ring to have a best friend!