Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 11, 2010: Week 16

Amber got a tan! Yes, we have a nice, wonderful, Green house :) She's not finished on the outside yet, but doesn't she look beautiful!?! (Still can't wait for Christmas so I can put a big red bow on the light pole)

We also have our cabinets and sinks, and she also got a tan on the inside...

We have a cute built in desk that oversees the living room... a very little feature, but we love it.

Someone must love Ms. Amber as much as we do because they gave her a high five :)

We also have our railing :)

And we also have all of our light fixtures installed...
This was earlier in the week when Chris and I had stopped by. This was the first time we had arrived and the doors were locked, so we had to take pictures from the outside! We later found out that we can just go to the sales office and ask for a key to go see the inside :)

They're also getting ready to put up our wall... Yes, in Arizona we have walls, and with the newer homes, the walls are very very close to the houses.

She's growing up so fast!

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