Monday, August 23, 2010


We left the Saturday after the wedding on a midnight flight to Florida to leave for our honeymoon :) I don't know why, but we're always good at planning something on Chris's birthday (which was Sunday). Yes, we were on a midnight flight during Chris's birthday, but I'm so grateful he didn't mind!

Honeymoon; Princess Cays, Bahamas

Our first stop on the cruise was Princess Cays, Princess Cruise's own little private Island. It was such a pretty port for our first stop.

There wasn't a whole bunch to do but relax and watch Mr. Husband swim... I love the ocean but I don't really like swimming in it. There's too many things in the water you just don't know about!

Mr. Husband insisted swimming all the way out to the buoy's, because he said his mom would have never let him do that :)

Don't worry, he made it back okay!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Honeymoon; Jamaica

One of our stops was in Jamaica.... Ya Man! We took a excursion to the rain forest and took a chair lift to the very top... very very cool. I never thought I was scared of heights, but this proved me wrong. I couldn't believe how I we were getting and it didn't help that the lift would stop randomly for what seemed like hours at a time (the most was probably only like 1o minutes).

Outside of the excursions and the chair lift, however, I don't think we have a desire to visit Jamaica again. It was a little bit too scary for us, and you know it's not good when you try and keep pace with the group in front of you because you do not want to be alone!

The guy on the right was on the Jamaican bobsledding team back in 2002 (I think). Mr. Husband even let me buy a "Jamaica" book so I could have him autograph it :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Honeymoon; Cayman Islands

Our third stop on our trip was the Cayman Islands. I was so excited for this stop becuase I had been here before, and I wanted Chris to experience everything I had when I was there. We purchased a tour that included snorkling, swimming with stingrays, and a trip to Rumm point. I was happy to snorkle, but I had already swam with stingrays before and had no desire to do so again! I was perfectly happy being the photographer on this trip! As always, Caymans was beautiful and I would be happy to go back again!

Yes, my husband is the guy that's ripped, and no you can't have him :)

This is the Continental Shelf, one of my most favorite natural phenomenons that I have seen.

Honeymoon; Cancun

Our last stop on our Cruise was Cancun. I typically hate Mexico, but had never been to Cancun, and I'm hooked! We would seriously consider taking a vacation there some day. For this trip, we went to the Mayan Ruins and then to a resort afterwards to get in some swim time. It was amazing!!! Couple things we learned:

1. Mayans practiced Human Sacrifice... They would take the "sacrificer" up to the top of the pyrmaids, split their chest open, rip out their their heart and offer it up to their gods (while it was still beating). Awesome.

2. All mexican food is not bad (in mexico). Typically I would never eat or drink food that is made in Mexico but the food we had at the resort was some of the best mexican food that I have ever had in my life.

3. Mexico has a pretty ocean. They have some of the most beautiful water I have ever seen!

4. Our tour guides names were Nacho and Ignacio, and our bus driver was Carlos. You can't get any better than that!

Seriously, go here... You'll be glad you did!

Wedding Pictures, Round 2!

Here's some more :)