Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Camping 2010

Every year, it is a family tradition to go up to the white mountains to go camping and fishing. The tradition has died a bit, but we still try and go every year. This year Mr. Chris tagged along for the fun.... and oh did he have fun :)

It was a bit stormy when we drove up, but it was beautiful!

We even bot a bit of fog... a rare treat for us Arizona people...

We primarily went to enjoy the fishing, and we fished most of the time at Big Lake.

Mr. Husband wasn't much of fisher, but we turned him in to one by the end of the trip. I think he finally found out that not all fish have spikes on them and hit you in the face when you pull them out of the water :)

Dad fishing :)

Chris's first "Un spikey" Fish. The fish's name is Spike.

We ended up catching 11 fish altogether...

From left to right: Sally, Frank, Curly, Big Fish, Spike, Twinkle, Ethel, Jimbo, Sammy and Spock.

Chris's first time cleaning a fish.... you can't see the excitement on his face, but I know he was super happy :)


We were right next to a bald eagle preserve, and we were able to get a glimpse of a few of them.

We were only there for couple of days, but it's always so fun and relaxing to get away!

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