Monday, November 1, 2010


If it seems like I haven't been a good blog poster lately it's because I haven't.... and it kills me to say that!! But I know it was worth it, because we finally finished our backyard! We finished last weekend, and laying the sod was the hardest part (in my opinion) of the entire process.... (go here to see where we started!)

They delivered the sod the night before, and it looked so innocent just hanging out in our drive way... but little did we know that each of these were going to weigh in excess of 30 pounds!

It was awful, but we're so happy with the final result! By the way... This grass will stay this way ALL winter... one of the many advantages of living in Arizona :)

I planted these all by myself : ) Geraniums and Mums...

Now I can finally get back to crafting!

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