Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decor

I can't believe it's finally here.... After a couple of months of buying supplies, decorations, ornaments, glitter, paint, fabric, etc. etc. etc, it is finally time to decorate! I was too excited to wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving, so I decided to start putting our tree together at almost 9:00 at night on Thanksgiving :)

I'm not sure I mentioned this on the blog yet, but I scored this 12 foot tree from a super nice old lady off of Craigslist for $50. It's my find of the century!! It didn't come with lights, but it was in practically perfect condition, and you honestly can't beat that price... Craigslist is the best!

This was when I was testing out my "candle" lights, but I couldn't resist showing how Mr. Husband contributed to this project... He left me alone :) It really was for the best. It's like there was a glitter storm while he was sleeping, and he would have probably had an anxiety attack if he knew what was really going on...

For the past four weeks, I had been getting about 10 ornaments a week (total) from Hobby lobby, Target, Michael's, and sometimes Crate and barrel. I'm so glad I did because I pretty much underestimated how many we were going to need to fill up this tree...
Here are the candles I was talking about... Next year I'm going to put glitter on the wax drippings, but these came from Hobby Lobby. I first got the idea when watching Little Women. One of the first scenes in the movie is when their singing Christmas Carol's and apparently back in the 19th century, they thought it was okay to put candles on their Christmas tree's (instead of having our modern day lights). Well, I liked the idea so much that I wanted to try and replicate it. They sell this lights in packs of 10 and they come in white. I wasn't to crazy about the white (it kind of stuck out like a sore thumb), so I painted a light coat of gold-ish paint on them, then took Rub and Buff, and used my finger to apply it to the wax drippings...

I also wanted a bunch of music note ornaments, but they were going to be pretty expensive. They had wood cut out ornaments at hobby lobby, and after the discount, I think they were only about .60 cents. So I grabbed a whole bunch of them, painted on glue and dumped lots and lots of glitter on them :)

And I of course had to make my own bows :)

Then lastly, I couldn't find a tree topper that I liked, so I took a whole bunch of ribbon that I had and made a bunch of swirls, and gripped them down at the bottom with a rubber band. Then I simply just let it rest on top of the tree and stuck a few swirl twigs in at the top. For now, it will work :)

And here she is!! I finally feel relieved to have gotten this out of the way :)

p.s. I never new how hard it was to pick up massive amounts of glitter off of tile. So here is your warning : )

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