Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas, Atlanta

Even though the trip to Atlanta was a bit stressful, we managed to take the red eye flight and arrive bright and early Christmas morning.  Atlanta must have known we needed some excitement and boy did it deliver!  For the first time in 128 years (since 1882), Atlanta had a white Christmas!  I of course was ridiculously excited and it was all around such a fun experience.  It snowed for a majority of the time we were there.

Chris’s brother had just recently bought a house, so it was only fitting that we all spent Christmas cozied up by the fire in the new home (which was to die for by the way).  We spent the day and night opening presents, eating wonderful food, and playing games... and of course, making sure we took the perfect picture for next years Christmas cards!And for the record... I do not like to play games with people that cheat.  Enough said :)

Whenever we see Chris's family, I always manage to take pictures of his mom's recipes.... This is one of his favorites :)

The night turned out to be bittersweet though, as we went back to his parents house and found his puppy Cody laying down by their front door.  We knew it was time to say goodbye, and I couldn't have been more grateful that Chris was there for him. We love you Cody!!!

Fast forward to the next day.... 

While we were in Atlanta, I had always wanted to visit the World of Coke.  I had been there a few times already, but had never been so I was super excited when I found out we were making the trip.  I LOVED how it was decorated for Christmas with bright red everywhere.  They had so many exhibits and all in all, it was a super fun trip :)

So, in the end... all though it was a stressful trip to get there, it was definitely worth it!

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