Saturday, July 16, 2011

Salt Lake City, The Wedding

 Scott and Dre's wedding was so gorgeous!  Dre had let me help in making some of her decorations, so it was great to see everything come together.  Their venue was actually the top level of a hospital, and it had amazing views...

LOVED her cake... I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.  

Before the wedding... Chris had to make sure Scott looked his BEST...

And what do you do when you can't find a clutch you like?  You make one :)

This was their ring bearer... Quick cute story... To entice him to go to down the aisle down to the front, Scott was holding a toy truck... and their little ring bearer sprinted like there was no tomorrow :)

The wedding was great, and it's always so much fun to meet your friends family.  We couldn't be happier for Scott and Dre, and the more we hang out with them, the more we see how perfect they are for each other.  This was also the first wedding Chris and I had ever been to together and we both had fun reminiscing about our own newlywed days... How time flies!!

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