Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 27, 2009: Week 1

Amber Lane....

Chris and I are so excited to have just signed our purchase agreement for our new home! Hopefully it will be done June 1st right before our approximate wedding date. When we were picking out which lot we wanted the home to be on, I immediately looked for cute street names... and once I saw "Amber Lane" I knew we had to live on this street! Usually we're very indecisive people (or maybe that's just me, and not so much Chris), but this is probably the fastest decision I've ever made in my life (and fortunately it was a easy sell to Chris)!
Here she is!!

This neighborhood also has the cuuuuuutest light poles... They look like they stole them out of a Christmas movie :) Yes, this will be right in front of our home!

Hopefully our home will look just like this when it's all done, except the orientation of the home will be the opposite (The garage will be on the left side)

Wish us luck!!!

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