Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm so excited to finally be able to start a blog! I never had a reason to want/have one, but now that we're engaged, I don't want to forget anything. We also figured this would be a good way for our friends and family to follow our engagement!

So here it goes for all of you that want to know how my fiance proposed.....

Earlier in the week, Chris had told me that we were going to take a client to dinner with his wife on Friday. He sounded way more excited than usual, but I figured it was because this would have been our first "business" date night. So the week flew by, partly because Thanksgiving was on Thursday and I had decided to take Friday off. We had also decided that we were decorating my apartment all day on Friday, and called it Chris and Danielle day. For those of you that don't know, I love love love Christmas. I had been listening to Christmas music since the beginning of October, and Chris had said the Friday after Thanksgiving was the only acceptable day to start thinking Christmas.... so I had been looking forward to this Friday FOREVER (and little did I know, so was he, but for very different reasons)!!!
He was a bit different on this Friday.... we were decorating the Christmas tree, and out of nowhere, he wanted to slow dance to Michael Buble, so precious! I can't tell you how much energy he had. He was pretending to be a ice skater to the faster Michael Buble songs! This guy just had way too much energy, but I figured he was just as excited as I was that Christmas was finally here!

Along came 3:00 and Chris left making sure to let me know that I HAD to be ready by 5:00. I'm never on time, but this time I was :) On the way to dinner, the client called (AKA, Chris's Dad) and said that he and his wife were getting ready to leave and that his son had just fallen off of a ladder while hanging Christmas lights, and they thought he might have broken his ankle. While the "client" was telling this to Chris, Chris was almost uncontrollably laughing! I was thinking to myself that he probably shouldn't be laughing at this, but I later found out that Chris's dad was trying to disguise his voice so I wouldn't recognize it, and apparently it was hysterical.

We then arrived at Elements, the restaurant at Sanctuary on Camelback mountain... it was absolutely beautiful!

Chris had also insisted that we take a picture of us, "because we looked so good". He really just wanted a last un-engaged picture because he knew I would want one....

*** For journaling purposes, Chris had maple leaf farms duck breast, bok choy, roasted butternut squash & garlic cherry glaze, and I had bacon wrapped filet of beef, roasted garlic mash, balsamic onions, mushrooms & blue cheese. We also drank Robert Eymael "Monchoff" Estate Reisling. Okay, thanks!

Then the magic happened. We had sat directly in front of the windows, looking out to Paradise Valley, and Chris said that we should get up and look at the window to get a better view. I was so full, and was like, that's okay, you go over there and I'll watch... lol ... Well, needless to say I got up, and Chris looked at me and said that we make a really good team (and I don't remember the rest because my heart was racing once I heard those words). Then the next thing I know, he's down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was in complete and total shock that I looked at him and said "are you sure?!?!?". He looked at me and said this isn't one of those questions I should answer with a question :) I never even said yes, and nodded my head instead because I was still in shock. Then came the waiter with two glasses of champagne and creme brulee!

He later told me that he was so excited all day because he wasn't going to have to sneak around anymore! If this is a peek of life to come, I am one lucky girl!

Now comes all the fun stuff, and we couldn't be more excited!

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  1. Danielle and Chris (whom I don't know YET)! Congratulations! And your right you do make a beautiful couple. I can't wait to see the babies.
    Chris you take care of my "Girl". I know when the moment came and she nodded her head she knew you were the "One". I am proud to say that I have know Danielle and loved her for quite some time. And she deserves the best of what has to offer her! I hope you life is filled with love and joy! Again, Congratulations! Danielle I love you!!!