Saturday, December 19, 2009

Engagement Pictures

What does Chris...

plus Danielle...

plus a certain Tempe Town Lake bridge...

Plus a cute little red headed/amazing photographer equal?

To die for Engagement Pictures!!!!

Actually, I wish the equation looked a little more like this:

Chris + Danielle + TTL Bridge + Wonderful Photographer =

To die for Engagement Pictures - The Cop :)

Yes, in order to get those "To die for" engagement pictures, we had to go on to a certain railroad bridge (not the one pictured above) that was apparently still in service.... as we were leaving a cop came up behind us on his bike and said "What are you doing?!?". Kind of a obvious question, especially because we had a lady with a camera, and two dressed up people standing next to her. Cute little photographer told him we were taking engagement pictures, and then I flashed my smile and showed him my ring, and said "We're engaged!"

After giving us the "It's a class 5 felony" talk, he said congratulations and let us go... super nice guy!

Here's the good thing.... You only take engagement pictures once, which means we'll never need to use that railroad bridge again :)

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