Tuesday, July 27, 2010

While we're waiting on our wedding pictures... meet Ms. Amber :)

So, I'm trying to keep this blog in (date) order as much as I can, and I don't want to ruin the timeline just yet.... So while we're waiting for our wedding pictures (which we will receive next Wednesday... yay!!!) I'll give you a tour of Ms. Amber :)

As I've said from the very beginning... The first thing I looked out when picking out our house was the street name... this was a no brainer for me :)

You've seen this picture a gazillion times... (Notice the wreath on the door... it was my $40 target splurge I had to talk Mr. Husband in to)

So, I'm going through the house as how we see it everyday when we come home (we come in through the garage). Keep in mind she is a CONSTANT work in progress. When I told Mr. Husband I wanted to decorate the laundry room, he told me I was nuts (he tells me this at least 3 times a week). He later told his parents that I "decorated" the laundry room, and they apparently had a good laugh out of it... but seriously, It's so nice to walk in to everyday when we get home!

Ahhhhh.... we looooovvveee our kitchen...

Our Living Room.... We got lucky in terms of colors. Everything we looked at just ended up working (color wise).

The "Schulman" sign was a wedding gift from my childhood bff. I knew she made these signs and was secretly hoping for one the whole time! We love it and we constantly get compliments on it!!
We ordered this built in and had it installed a few days after we moved in... (Notice the Wii in the cabinet... I love playing Super Mario Brothers, and go crazy (seriously, like unlady like crazy) when I loose.)

Don't mind the T.V. I was only watching one of the best movies ever (Apollo 13) :)

Mr. Husband bought me this... I've always wanted a piano picture (especially because I've played one pretty much my whole life) and this one was modern enough to be able to pull off in our home.

The Barbie Bathroom.... sigh..... I looovvveee this bathroom. Enough said.

The Craft Room. It's not "Sigh" material yet, but don't you worry, it will be!!

My freakin awesome sewing table and chair... bought both for a total of $11 and refinished them.

Half of this room's decor right now is from our wedding... Notice the Veil, dried bouquet, practice bouquet, and card holder...

The Guest Bedroom... for now. I'm going to tackle this room when I have nothing else to do :)

Our Master Bedroom. Lots of sweat and tears went in to this room! The refinished chair by the window, the keys above the bed, the pillows, the curtains (as well as all the curtains in the entire house), and the bench were all put together by yours truly :)

These keys are a perfect example of Mr. Husband thinking I'm crazy when I tell him what I'm going to do, and then being super surprised when I'm done.

Our master bathroom... This room has given me the most trouble, and still is!! It won't be staying this way for long.

Our "Water closet"? <--- I've never heard that term in my life until Mr. Husband said it :)
This room is going to get some bead board, but for some reason it is one of my favorite in the house... it just SCREAMS Danielle :)
Note: I always say that that is Chris and I in the picture dancing, and that my sister is holding the umbrella :)

Like I said, there is still TONS to do, but not bad for some newly weds!!

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