Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love For Life Weekend

So... This post is EXTREMELY long... probably the longest blog post in the world. So if you make it all the way through the end I'll be very impressed :) We had a very very long weekend. I thought this weekend was called "Engaged for life", but after thinking about it, that doesn't really make sense does it? That would actually be awful. The class started Friday night at 7, so before it started Chris and I went out to dinner. I saw these awesome backgrounds, and couldn't pass them up...

After we had our fun, it was time for the long weekend to start...

This is how I made it through the weekend... Trail Mix, Smart Water, and candy from the Sweet Factory

I also drew some occasional pictures because I am a self proclaimed professional artist.
The next morning finally came, and I was able to take some awesome pictures...

The whole Catholic building/square was awesome. Pope John Paul II was here in 1987, and they had a whole bunch of his stuff on display from when he visited.

This is a statue of him outside the center we were in...

Then class started, which means more time for us to learn and reflect about each other...

and more pictures... (We finally decided where we're going on our honeymoon... we will be on a Caribbean cruise which will be making a stop at the Cayman Islands)

Then it was time for a break! Which meant more exploring and more pretty pictures outside.

Then back in side to learn more about each other :)

Then we had one final break before we were done.... yes, more pictures!! The entire walkway was full of bricks, some of which I think may have been dedicated to or paid for by someone... and look what we found :) Father John, the coolest priest in the world who will be marrying us (obviously he is no longer with St.Germaine, as our church has stolen him away)

and our church where we'll be married :)

This pic is for you dad... to fill the void you may feel at the wedding :)

We then wandered over to the ASU downtown campus, and I was able to get this awesome shot... Cool huh :)

This is the Carriage House that was built in 1881. We don't see these type of houses too much in Arizona, so it was just fun to look at

And finally, all of our hard work this weekend paid off... Drum Roll please.....

We have finally fulfilled all the requirements of the Catholic Church to get married. Long post right?!?!? Well it was a long weekend, and be glad you only got to enjoy part of it with us. But now we can just sit back, relax, and wait for the big day :)

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