Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet our Ring Bearer

So this is a funny story. We were finally able to ask my cousin Victor to be our ring bearer. Before we asked him, we went to the store to get him a video game and Chris and I were joking that we would use it to bribe him in case he said no. Well little did we know that would be the case! Honestly... do you really think a 8 year old wants to spend his day at a wedding being the center of attention? We were lucky to have our bribe in place and offered him a exchange.... "we'll give you a present if you say yes". So he said yes, and opened his present, only to find out we got him the wrong video game (he had a different system).
We felt awful, but thank goodness we had a receipt! We're so happy we can bribe with 8 year olds!!

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