Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anthony's Birthday

It's not too often we get to get together with our bridal party/friends, but it was Anthony's birthday and Lindsey (bridesmaid/Ants girlfriend) put together a awesome dinner party at a new restaurant in Phoenix. We try to take advantage of the light rail as often as we can, and luckily we were able to use it for this trip...

Here is a pic of all the guys (and if you have a good enough memory, then yes you're right, Nick decided to strike a similar pose as he did in this post.)

Doesn't fiancee look handsome?!?! Also, this is your first and only warning. At the wedding don't ask Aaron to take any pictures for you (he's the only blonde one in the above picture, and in the bridal party), because they turn out like this...

So make sure someone else takes your pictures so they turn out like this :)

and this...

The night almost ended on a good note, until we got back on the train :( There was a crazy drunk on the train who I swear was on there purely to make us mad... then cops showed up to make sure everyone had purchased tickets, only to find out that we had the wrong tickets... so instead of giving us tickets (the kind the make you go to court), they made us get off the train (3 stops away from where we were supposed to get off) and purchase the right ticket while is was windy and cold outside.

All in all though, it was a good night :)

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