Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bridal Party

When we went to the grocery store this morning, the headlines on the Arizona Republic read "All Saints Day".... yes, our Cardinals suffered a horrible defeat. This is one of the most painful games I've ever been forced to watch, but the good news was that all of our "couples" friends were with us to share the pain :)

Because it can be a bit hard to get everyone together, Chris and I wanted to take full advantage of the gathering to ask our friends to be in our bridal party. I spent the past week making these super cute cards for everyone... I refuse to buy something (like a card) when I know I can make it look 10 times better. Nope, I don't think Hallmark carries these cards...

As a side note, I sent off a couple of the cards already to Georgia for two very special people :)
Since the Cards were doing terrible, and I was beyond anxious anyways, I decided to ask the girls at half time... and thank goodness they were super excited and said yes!

I may be biased, but I have the prettiest bridesmaids!!

I was too scared to ask the guys for a picture (they were not happy), but I did get one of Chris's "Co" best man, Nick

Here is a picture of the entire group when we volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House

From left to right is Nicole, Aaron, Lindsey, Anthony, Nick (Chris's "Co" Best man), Jessica, Chris, and me. In addition, I will have my sister Monique (who will be my Maid of Honor), and Chris's Sister, Jessica (who I haven't gotten a official yes from yet because her card is still in the mail, but I'm not too worried :) ). Chris will have his brother Mike (who is Chris's other "Co" Best Man), and my brother AJ.

We're very honored and excited to have this group with us on our special day :)

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