Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010: Week 6

I'm so happy to finally have some different pictures to show! They're definitely going to town on Ms. Amber :)

They have so much stuff in the yard... I almost squealed when I saw this.... yup, anything pink especially in a construction zone is wonderful :) I hope they keep that round thing in the middle pink!
Just because I thought it was cool to have John Deere flags all over the place...
Here is all the piping we were lucky to not have prior to the storm...

It was so exciting to walk around to find the layout of everything!

Here is our backyard... This is the first time we had really got to see the size of it. Our particular lot requires our house to be more towards the front, which makes our backyard bigger. It's still pretty small, but that just means less grass for Chris to mow :)

Hopefully we'll see framing soon!

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