Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Chris and I have been busy bees since he's gotten back in town. Yesterday (New Years Eve), we started the day off at the design center to pick out all of the options for our house. Surprisingly picking out the big stuff (the flooring, kitchen, and appliances) wasn't hard for us at all, it was all the small things that took most of our time (the type of faucets, where we wanted extra outlets, extra lighting in the kitchen, etc). It was twice as fun for me though, because our designer just also happened to be a wedding coordinator, so we were able to run wedding ideas back and forth and she gave me some great contacts!

We finally finished after just over 5 hours, and decided to go visit our family friend Suzy, who owns a wedding boutique. Suzy is a wonderful friend and seamstress, and she has taken care of all of my pageant dresses since I was 5, so it's only fitting I get my wedding dress from her also. I've been extremely stressed out about the wedding dress, mostly because I couldn't choose which one I wanted and I know that to get it by June, to be safe, I should order it within the next week. Well, I finally made a decision and ordered the dress :)

Now we just need to figure out what type of tux to get Mr. Fiance and all of his "Brides" men :)

After we ordered the dress, we figured we were on a role and decided to drive over to "The Castle" to see if anyone was there so we could book it for our date. Well, we were lucky enough to catch them before they left for the night and were able to Reserve it!

June 17th is the Day :)

We're so happy and fortunate to be able to buy a house and plan a wedding at the same time. That's not to say though, that we didn't feel a little sick to our stomach when the day was over. Normally we would have gone out to dinner, but considering the days events, we opted for this...

Spaghetti and Meatballs is a very economical meal for people planning a wedding and buying a house :)

Now we have another busy day today... we have a date with Macy's and Crate and Barrel to register. We're so excited to see what this year brings us, and we can now say "We're getting married this year"!

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