Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flowers and Bridesmaids...

I was so happy to get some important wedding stuff done yesterday. The first stop was the florist in the morning with Chris. This lady was amazing! She had so many great ideas for the wedding and she had the prettiest shop. When we had finished, she had let us take some of the flowers home because she wanted us to bond with them :)

Then I had a date with all the girls. We all fit into my tiny car to go order bridesmaid dresses... We missed you Jess!

It was pretty fun trying to fit all five of us girls in the dressing room to try on different dresses :)

You definitely can't tell, but all the girls were holding each others dress's in the back because they were all at least a size 12....

Afterwards, we all went to Lindsey's house to have girl time and watch Miss America! This is Lindsey trying on my ring and taking a picture of it to put on Facebook... lol... I really hope she does it...

She also busted out a princess game that had rings for game pieces... I didn't need one because I already had one of my own :)

I love these girls and I am so grateful that they are just as excited about the big day as much as I am! I couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else :)

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